As a undergraduate student at the University of Toledo, Jaqueline Federico was an active member of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service-based fraternity, following the cardinal principles of leadership, friendship, and service. With Jacqueline's involvement in Alpha Phi Omega, it was obvious that she wanted to make a difference in the community. When the words "Joyful Smiles Thru Faith" appeared to her in a dream, she knew this was God's answer to her prayers.


Jacqueline's own health was also a proponent in the formation of JSTF. Since 2001, she has undergone over 30 surgeries for various health issues, admitted to the hospital every six months. Thinking of the many times she laid in a hospital bed with nothing to do, little entertainment, and the feeling of homesickness, Jacqueline could not imagine being a child with a long-term stay in the hospital. With this though, she decided she wanted to make their stay more comfortable, but was unsure how. 


Reflecting on her own difficulties during her childhood, Jacqueline also recalled the struggles her mother went through raising her and her brother. Combining these two impactful experiences in her life, Jacqueline realized that she could help children from all over the community by putting together Kare Packages. In 2015, Joyful Smile Thru Faith was born, with the purpose of preparing and delivering Kare Packages to children experiencing trauma.

Our Story