Why does Joyful Smiles spell Kare Package with a "K?" Our founder and President, Jacqueline, makes certain that everything we do is from the kindness of our hearts. The "K" is a reminder to all of us at Joyful Smiles and to the community of the kindness that is required to make a difference. As someone who has spent years serving the community, it is not enough to serve just to get in a few hours. Authentic and genuine service to others can brighten their day beyond measure. 


Recently, as I was hanging flyers for our upcoming Toy Drive on November 27th, I was walking back to my vehicle and overheard the familiar sound of a car trying to start with a dead battery. I sat in my vehicle for a few minutes, wondering if maybe the individual had not pushed the ignition button long enough. A moment later, he was exiting his vehicle and shuffling through stuff in the trunk of his car. I started my vehicle and drove around to him and asked him if he needed a jump start. He said "that would be amazing. We have been stranded here for 6 hours!"


As I attempted to untangle my jumper cables, I paused and looked up at him. "6 hours? Is there no one here that could have helped you?"


He shrugged, "my son-in-law was supposed to be out here in a few hours." I shook my head disappointedly. Fortunately, we were able to jump his car and away he and his wife went back home.


It bothered me, though, that this couple parked in a handicap spot in an extremely busy plaza were ignored for 6 hours. I went home reflecting on this and all the times I had passed those cars along the highway, potentially in need of help. All it took was five minutes of my time to reach out to this gentleman and jump his car. To think that none of the businesses I visited in that plaza accepted a flyer, but I felt like I left with more accomplished than if I had simply left with the rejection of our flyers.


What is my point in this story? Here at Joyful Smiles we rely on the community to reach out when they know of a child experiencing trauma. If no one reaches out, those children may not be given the opportunity to know that someone cares. Much like the gentleman and his wife stranded in a busy parking lot for 6 hours, it is easy to go about our day and look over the subtleties of trauma in children. As a community, it is our duty to act with kindness towards those around us, be it jumping a vehicle, smiling at a co-worker in passing, or paying for the meal behind you in the drive-thru. At Joyful Smiles we could certainly take the leap and say that there should be a "K" in Kommunity, too! The point is: an act of kindness makes a difference and it is up to each and every one of us in the community to deliver that kindness in our own ways.


Nickolas Dietrich, Vice President


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