Our History

Joyful Smiles Through Faith targets many of the core social issues that affect children, such as bullying, illness, homelessness, and the sudden loss of loved ones. These specific issues are some that many of us have faced at some point in our childhood and ones that our founder, Jacqueline Federico, faced growing up, sparking her desire to serve individuals struggling through these issues. 
As an undergraduate student at the University of Toledo, Jacqueline was an active member of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service-based fraternity, following the cardinal principles of leadership, friendship, and service. With Jacqueline's involvement in Alpha Phi Omega, she was certain that she wanted to make a difference in the community, but wasn't quite sure how. She prayed that God would lead her down the right path.
Her first answer from God was given to her in a dream where the words "Joyful Smiles Thru Faith" came to her. She was still unsure how this would be incorporated into the path she was meant to follow, but God wasn't finished yet. 
Since 2001, Jaqueline has undergone over 30 surgies for various health issues. With admittance to the hospital nearly every six months, she recalled the numerous times she laid in a hospital bed bored, with little entertainment, and the feeling of homesickness. As she thought about her own boredom, Jacqueline couldn't imagine being a child with a long-term stay in the hospital. With this thought, she decided she wanted to make their stay more comfortable, but was unsure how.
Reflecting on her own difficulties during her childhood, Jacqueline recalled the struggles her mother went through raising her and her brother. Between her admittances to the hospital and the recollection of severe poverty and homelessness her family went through while she was a child, Jacqueline decided that she wanted to do something to help children in the community. Her solution, which she attributes as her second answer from God, was to create Kare Packages. 
In 2015, Joyful Smiles Thru Faith was born with the purpose of preparing and deliving Kare Packages to children experiencing traumatic events in their life. Even to this day, JSTF is a small non-profit with BIG dreams and a BIG heart!

When I started this organization in 2015, my main goal was to bring joy and happiness to children who were sick in the hospital. With God by my side, he gave me the courage to share my life experiences with the children in the community who are affected by bullying, suicied, abues, or have lost their parents from additiction. Words cannot express how thankful we are for the community's overwhelming support. I'm also very thankful for our wonderful Board. Thank you so much for letting me brighten up your children's lives. It's what matters the most to me!

- Jacqueline Federico, Founder & President