Our Mission

To improve the lives of children and their families in our community by responding to their needs during traumatic moments and providing resources for further support.


No child should have to experience illness, poverty, or trauma. It is heartbreaking when they are suffering, especially when childhood is such an extraordinary part of life. We partner with organizations throughout Toledo and Northwest Ohio to create a moment of joy and hope in the lives of children when they are going through some of the hardest times in their lives.

To continue building partnerships with other organizations - creating a resource network for vulnerable children.


To energize and inspire the community to become more involved.


To increase inclusiveness, compassion, and volunteerism among the youth of our community.

We are currently reevaluating our values! Please check back again soon!

A Word from our Board Members

As a future physician interested in pediatrics, JSTF has allowed me to aid children in the Toledo community. It has been an eye opening experience to interact with children who have medical difficulties and bring a smile to their face with the gesture of a Kare Package.

-Brooke, Social Media Manager

I wanted to join the JSTF Board of Directors because this organization means a lot to me! My son and I have loved helping when we could throughout the years and wanted to be a bigger part of it. This organization has been amazing for my son, especially when his older brother was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia and spent almost a year in the hospital. JSTF made sure to get him a Kare Package and offered so much support for our family. My son has also been bullied so bad to the point where he had to switch schools and start therapy. Knowing he wasn't alone helped tremendously and gave him the motivation to learn the tools that were being taught to him to get through his pain and troubles. I feel that our mission is so very important and hope to show others how this organization can change their life. 

-Lindsay, Board Member

I have been long-term friends with on of the board members and she shared how JSTF helps the community. I enjoy helping children get through tough times in their lieves. I had medical problems in my youth and empathize with children that are facing a more adult problem like abuse, medical conditions, bullying, and things of that nature. Facing these challenges in life at a young age can be more than difficult and it warms my heart to play an active role in making a child smile.

-Lori, Board Member

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