Our Programs

Kare Packages


In 2015, we started serving the community with our Kare Packages. Many people wonder "why do we spell 'care' with a 'K?'" The 'K' in "Kare" stands for kindness, the very core of what we do. Each Kare Package includes a coloring book, crayons or colored penciles, a stuffed animal or teddy bear, a hand-made card, and several toys or activities. The contents we include in our Kare Packages are hand selected by our volunteers with love and excitement. We continue to improve our Kare Packages by talking to some of the children who receive them and the community partners in the field who distribute them.

Upcoming Programs


In alignment with our mission and vision, we are currently developing new programs to serve the children in our community through other means. Per our 2023 goals, we will be re-initiating an anti-bullying program and developing a special Kare Package for new or expectant mothers to help children from the start of their life.

Seasonal Programs


Each year Joyful Smiles Thru Faith adopts families for the Christmas season. Currently, with our limited resources, the number of families we adopt depends on the support of the community to provide the money or toys needed to create that moment of joy for the families' children on Christmas morning. If you or a family you know are a family interested in our Christmas Adoption Program, watch for our applications, available starting in October.