How Volunteers Help


Volunteers are essential to our work. Stuffing Kare Packages can be a time consuming task and this year, in 2023, we have ambitiously set the goal of reaching over 1000 Kare Packages (that's over 300% more than last year!). Thankfully, we have people like you who not only want to help Joyful Smiles Thru Faith achieve its mission, but can help put a smile on a child's face by personally choosing the toys and activities included in their Kare Package!


Our volunteers also help during events or with set up and take down and will have proper direction and training from the event committee.

"Thinking of You" Cards

In every Kare Package, we include a hand-made "Thinking of You" card to show our Superheroes that they are not alone in their difficult journey. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity that can fit into your busy schedule, making cards could be a great way to get involved with JSTF! If you are interested in making cards, you can contact us for more information, make the cards and request a drop-off time, or mail them to us. For those looking for documented volunteer hours, we allot 12 cards per hour. It takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes per card, but feel free to take your time and put in the extra effort!


We prefer the message be kept simple by stating "Thinking of You" because these cards are sent to children experiencing many different forms of crises. Other acceptable messages are things like "You Are Strong" or "You Are Brave."


Below are two examples of some fun "Thinking of You" cards we have received!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at support@jstftoledo.org or call (419) 304-3670. Let us know if you would like us to contact you to volunteer when another event is coming up.

Volunteer Recognition

Thank you to the following Toledo-based organizations for the generous support in volunteering time and resources to stuff Kare Packages for us or make "Thinking of You" cards!


Fun Fact: The University of Toledo NSSLHA Chapter has faithfully stuffed Kare Packages for us every year since Joyful Smiles Thru Faith was founded in 2015! 

Service Learning and Mentorship Programs


As part of our 2023 goal to engage the community and expand our community outreach, we will be developing service learning and mentorship programs that align with our visions to "energize and inspire the community to become more involved" and "increase inclusiveness, compassion, and volunteerism amonth the youth of our community."


We have just introduced Youth Ambassador positions to our Board! We currently have 2 open positions available to teens ages 13-17.


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Open Positions at JSTF


We are currently looking to fill positions on the Board of Directors, the General Governance Board, and in two committees. Committments generally equate to less than 10 hours per month. All positions are unpaid, volunteer positions.


Open Positions:

  • General Board Members

  • Youth Ambassadors

  • Secretary

  • Outreach Coordinator

  • Fundraising Committee Positions

  • Anti-Bullying Program Committee Positions


Fill out and submit the form below to request additional information for a specific role or initiate the process of joining our Board.

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